Custom Jewellery Made Just for You

You want a piece of jewellery that’s as unique as the special person in your life. You want something original and beautiful that’ll never be replicated by anyone else.

That’s where we can help. As a custom jeweller based in Ontario, Canada, we pride ourselves on being a design-led company. We understand that our customers sometimes want to be involved in the jewellery-making process, which is why we offer this bespoke service at no extra cost.

Custom work provides us with the opportunity to work with you to create something truly unique, and during this process you’ll learn something about jewellery design, too.

Sometimes, buying an off-the-shelf piece just isn’t enough.

Custom Jewellery Design

How the Jewellery Design Process Works

The jewellery design process starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts. We’ll educate you on how you can get the most exceptional piece of jewelry for your money, from choosing the right size to the diamond quality. We can also take an old piece of jewellery you may have, transforming it into the unique, tasteful piece you’ve been searching for.

Once your ring has been designed, we’ll provide you with a wax model of it. This helps us finalize the design, making any necessary changes before our goldsmiths craft the final product.

We love the custom-made process – it’s the best part of our business! Giving you the advice you need, before celebrating the joy of the finished product with you is unbeatable, and we can’t wait to get started creating unique jewellery you’ll treasure forever more.

Engagement Rings

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